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      A Word from Our Lord to the Prophets
"And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams."  (Acts 2:17)
 (also Acts 10:45, 21:9; Joel 2:28-32)
Think B.I.G.
Believe in God
(given on 8/11/03 to
Pastor Cher Wandell)
To all believers:
"I (the Lord) am moved by what you do, not by your emotions... by your faith in action.
When you act in faith, I move.  I won't move until you do.
Draw near to Me first.  Then I will draw near to  you.
I gave you examples of faith in action for healing with the woman with the issue of blood and the woman who "ate from the crumbs of My table."
There are many more for all areas of your life.  Seek them out and you will have what you desire."
To Cher: "Tell them that they must Believe in God that I was sent from Him.  
They must believe in Me for their vision to be accomplished.  I will have my way and will bless those who run after Me."
America's Last Chance
(given to Pastor Jim Wandell 9/16/01)
"The candlestick is America`s place in the world.  We are to be God's light revealed to man.  America is the mightiest nation the world has ever known, because the Light is in us!"
In a message to the Church given on 2/23/03, Pastor Jim spoke on the "Eye of Faith" and our responsibility to Believe in God.
On 8/11/03 the Lord gave Pastor Cher a message to Think B.I.G. and Believe in God.  This message was to be shared with all believers so that the work of the LORD Jesus can be fulfilled.
A Word From the Lord
for the Church
(given 9/06/03 to Jim Wandell)
Stop looking down at the ground…at your feet like you are expecting deliverance from below.  
Stop looking to man for your prosperity and increase.  I know what Luke 6:38 says:  men shall give into your bosom, but they aren`t doing it because they want to.  To the contrary, I require them to show you favor and to give you gifts and to pay you again.  I`m the One doing it, not man!
But DO start looking up.  If you painted yourself into a corner, the only way out is up!  If you want the juiciest apple, don`t look on the ground; most of them are rotten.  You must look higher up into the tree.
Noah couldn`t look around, he could only look up.  If he had looked around, his faith would have wavered.  So just like Noah, you must only look up!  From whence cometh your deliverance.
Look up to ME saith the Lord!  That is where you will find what you need!
To the Godly Women
(given on 12/27/03 to
Pastor Cher Wandell)
"The Lord revealed a message to me for the women.  The Lord is taking you to a new level.
Hold your tongue.  Speak only the Truth of the Word, lest your prayers be hindered with that of your spouse.
A new level will be given in His strength and might."
Ask Jesus into your heart.    Salvation Prayer
We are following the direction
of this mandate from the Lord.
We must obey.
We must Believe in God!
We must Think B.I.G. so that the Lord is glorified in all the earth!
Think B.I.G. now!
A Mighty Anointing
(given on 2/10/04 to
Pastor Cher Wandell)
"Brace yourself for a mighty anointing.  
You will see things you have never seen before in the natural.  
The hand of God is about
to arise!"
To the Church:
(given on 2/24/04 to
Pastor Cher Wandell)
"There has been a shift in the spirit realm.  It will effect the natural realm immediately."
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