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Ready to Forgive and Willing to Forget
$6.00 Book                          Pastor Cher Wandell
“Sometimes it seems that we get caught up in the past so much, that it continually affects our present life and perpetually effects our future.”
Read how Paul learned to overcome his past and what the word tells us about forgiveness.  It is time to let the healing begin with forgetting the past.
Your Perceptual Problem
$6.00 Book                          Pastor Cher Wandell
A series of short stories that shows how we all have perceptual problems when it comes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  An insight on how to overcome any perceptual problems you may have when it comes to Jesus.
*Limited supply
Set Free
A Guide to Salvation
$1.25 Mini book                   Pastor Cher Wandell
Feeling trapped?  No where to turn? You can be set free from all your grief, pain and sorrow.  Someone is ready to listen.  That someone is Jesus Christ, God`s Son.  Find the answers you need through salvation.
My Personal Bible Study
Notes & Reference Booklet
$9.00     Lined Blank Page Spiral Bound Notebook
Finally there's a booklet to help get us organized in our note taking.  This booklet will help you keep record of important sermons, classes or lectures.  Blank sermon pages 5x7 spiral notebook that fits in your Bible cover.
Lists a place for the  speaker, scripture base, outline area, date & place.  Lined for notes.  Never be without paper again...keep notes in one booklet.
There are enough pages to cover a year of Sunday's plus additional pages for those special meetings or events.
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SOFFY Puppy Tales©
Salvation Tracts
5 for $1.00
If you know any pet lovers, this tract tells the tales of the SOFFY Pups, which you can see by visiting our web site.  It has been a great source for leading someone to Christ.
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