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Contact us by e-mail for preaching availability of Pastors Jim & Cher (&/or the Soffy Pets Children's Ministry).
Schedule a FZ Youth Rally at your school or church.  Meet Miss Cher and find out more about FZ 2000+.  
FZ Rallies are fun and are guaranteed to boost your faith and cast out fear from your life.  Meet kids from all areas of life, win prizes, see a movie, sing praises and laugh.  FZ rallies are
a Great Adventure!  You just don't know what will happen, so get busy and schedule one in your town today!  
Beginning in June, the Think BIG Crusade will be in the Mid-Atlantic states then heading west.  We're moving kinda' fast, so don't wait to CONTACT us.
NJ, Dela., MD., Va., W. Va., Tenn.  
PA, WVa., Ohio, In., Il., Mo.
Ignite the vision of your church!  If your church has not scheduled your Think BIG Crusade event (with the music ministry of Cher Wandell), contact us asap, and we might be able to put your church on the list if we're in the area.
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Revival Fire 2004
On Eagle's Wings
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Between the Cracks
A Support Group Outreach
When other programs let you
slip between the cracks, we will be there for you!
Believe Transform Conquer
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Letters and teaching materials are sent to our partners, supporters and friends of this ministry each month to help the Body of Christ mature in the fullness of the Lord.  These teachings train our spirit to be more in tune with the will of God and line up with His Word.  To request these materials simply write us for information about how to be placed on the mailing list for a subscription.  (Partner teachings are not on web.)
SOF Teaching Subscription
Want to subscribe to all the monthly teachings or buy it for a friend?  You can suscribe to these teachings without being a partner for $25.00 (USA) a year.
The entire month's devotional readings are available in easy to follow pamphlet form, which includes the monthly teaching letter and all product offers when they first become available or are in limited quantity.  Write for your subscription today!
(Materials are free to our partners.)
Subscription cost $25.00 a year
Partnership Information
About Us
"And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" (Matthew 24:14).
Becoming a partner with SOFFY Ministries allows you to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel" without leaving your home.  You can be a doer of the Word by helping to send forth laborers as the Word of God tells us.
God tells us to pray that there would be people willing to go tell the good news.  It also says to pray that there would be those willing to send the labors.  Not everyone is called into the field work of actually "going", but we are all called to do the Word.  We are to do our part of spreading the gospel of Jesus to all people, whether it be to your neighbor or to a neighboring country.
It is God's desire that ALL come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Your faithful prayers and monthly support can help us do our part and win souls to the Lord.
God needs faithful people who are willing to give into His work and complete the ministry of Jesus.  Time is short and there are lost souls crying out for the Word.   We cannot get the Bibles, books, teaching tapes and information into their hands without God's people.  In the Philippines, China and other nations, people are willing to give up a weeks wages for a Bible!  Some of them have walked for over a day just to get to a meeting place so they could hear the Word of God preached. God's Word declares, "How can they learn without hearing the Word of God preached, and how can they hear without a preacher?"
SOFFY Ministries gives Bibles, books, tapes, and information on how to walk in their new Christian life to the spiritually deprived.   This is only part of what SOFFY Ministries is called to do.
You can do this too by partnering with SOFFY!  Help us reach the world through all aspects of, short-wave radio, internet, television, books, magazines, conventions, tapes and newsletters.  We need you to help finish the work of Christ.  Won't you partner with us today?  Become a partner with SOFFY Ministries.  God bless you as you sacrificially give.
What is our commitment to you?
To pray for your Soteria daily (spirit, soul and body wholeness).
To consistently study the Word of God.
To rightly divide the Word of truth that we may show ourselves approved before God.
To go preach and teach the full and entire Word to all the world.
To make ministry materials available to you for your spiritual growth, through regular newsletters, teachings, books, tapes,  and or other instructional materials or events.
To keep you informed of ministry events.
What is your part of this commitment?
To pray for us daily (and for all those involved with SOFFY).
To financially support us monthly as the Lord leads.
To display/share newsletters, teachings, and upcoming events.
To testify of what God has done in your life through SOFFY teachings, prayer or events. (Give God the praise and glory!)
To share the vision of this ministry with others.
We appreciate your interest in this ministry, and ask that you pray for guidance from the Lord on becoming a partner (fellowship) in this ministry.  Your daily prayers and regular financial support are greatly appreciated, and make you a partner in God's plan by carrying out the ministry of Jesus.
As you pray and ask the Lord about your giving, remember that you are making a covenant with God to support this ministry and His work.  Your responsibility to pray for us daily, spread the gospel news by telling others about this faith ministry and to support it financially in whatever way God tells you to, is between YOU and GOD.
We are only the willing vessels in this particular part of God's overall plan.  He may be calling you to be a part of this vision also.  If you are being spiritually fed and blessed through this ministry, ask God how you can help others so they can receive the same blessings.
Our motto and vision is to take the gospel of Christ to the corners of the earth.  We are Building the Kingdom of God through faith as we gather the children for God.
..."Above all taking the Shield of Faith" (Ephesians 6:16).
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