Candid photos on the road...
This year is the year of BIG.  We have been given a message to tell the nations, and so that's what we're doing.  This year we will be traveling the nation preaching the Gospel, singing and re-introducing the SOFFY Pets presenting our newest addition, "Lily May".
Keep checking back on the website for any updates and new information.  Since we will literally be on the road again, the regular articles and pages may not be updated as often, but we hope to keep you informed as much as possible.
Look for us in your local papers and on the internet as to when we will be coming to your area.  Hope to see you along the way.
Where to
next Dad?
Talk about a window view!
Wake  me when we get there.
Where did he go?  Hey dad!
A girl must always look good!
Beginning in June, the Think BIG Crusade will be in the Mid-Atlantic states then heading west.  We're moving kinda' fast, so don't wait to contact us.
(June-Aug.: NJ, Dela., MD., Va., W. Va., Tenn.  
Sept.-Nov.: PA, WVa., Ohio, In., Il., Mo.)  CONTACT
If your church has not scheduled your Think BIG Crusade event, contact us asap, and we might be able to put your church on the list if we're in the area.
Please remember your partnership with us in prayer and financially.  Without regular support, we cannot do the work we are called to do.  Thank you for being so faithful to SOFFY Ministries, and we pray we can meet you in person at one of the Crusades.
Miracles can happen when you Think B.I.G.; Believe in God!
In His Service,
  Jim & Cher Wandell and the SOFFY Pets
 for SOFFY Evangelic Ministries, Inc.
Read the prophesy and mandate give to Pastors Jim &
Cher concerning this message to Think B.I.G. Prophecy
Burgers are a real treat!
We're serious about Think B.I.G.  How about you? Don't miss out on this years biggest message to the church!
Training them in the way they should go through preaching, teaching and living the life of FAITH.
Right Photo:
Faith Works
Soffy Kidz Club
Left & Below Right:
Faith Zone 2000+ Youth Rally
We must teach all people, regardless of age to
Think B.I.G.!
Get hold of it!
...without it my people perish!  Proverbs 29:18
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