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Sharing Our Witness
as God
Shapes Our Way
S.O.W. Programs
S.O.W. programs are volunteer outreach ministries designed to meet the various needs of believers who have faithfully served the Lord, and reaching out to the lost and hurting.  This program has many branches.  
Senior Outreach Wednesday
Serving On Wednesday
         (to anyone in need)
Serving Our Widows
These programs minister to those in need of food, financial or medical assistance, prayer, and often transportation.  Last year S.O.W. programs served over 1,200 meals to the needy.
This program also includes adopting families in need for the holidays.   It provides food, gifts and clothing to the entire family through the SOFFY Angels holiday programs.
Program based on: Deut. 10:17-10; 1 Tim. 5; Gal. 6:1-10; James 1:27 & prayer.
Psalm 28:9
"Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up forever."
In the Name of Jesus and love, we offer food and pray for your spiritual, physical, financial and social nourishment. Soteria (peace and all your needs met) from God through Christ Jesus our Savior.
Community Outreach
Individuals donate their time, labor and materials to do home repairs needed for those who are physically or financially unable to do it for themselves.
Volunteer your time.  Email us today!
S.O.W. Gardens
Each year a SOFFY  garden is planted. Vegetables and plants are given to the S.O.W. programs.  This program also sows all the materials  and labor into
planting gardens for
This program has been in operation for several years now and has been a great opportunity to share the ministry with the community. Teams meet four times a year to clean up the trash and debris from the community.  Every home in the clean-up area is given ministry materials and the plan of salvation.
Group Outreach
Between the Cracks
A Support Group Outreach
This support group is free to anyone who is in need of emotional and spiritual help, regardless of age, gender, race or
When other programs let you slip between the cracks, we will be there for you!
 Believe Transform Conquer
Program Base Verses:
Acts 16:31 (NKJV)
Philippians 4:19
Romans 8:37 & 12:2
Mark 11:24
Main Objective & Goal:
To reveal the hope and help that is made available through Jesus Christ.  Using Biblical principles, we believe we can be transformed and conquer all things through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.
(BtC SOFFY Exclusive Program)
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