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If you wish to sign up to have Cfaith be your ISP please use the following code when prompted by Cfaith program: 8JS6 K9WE
CFAITH is an alliance of media ministries, including Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Creflo Dollar, Mac Hammond, Keith Butler, SOFFY Ministries and others whose goal is to build the most extensive source of faith-related content on the Web to nurture believers and
minister to unbelievers around the globe.  You can even try it free!
Frequently Asked Questions  
Q: What is CFAITH.com?  A: CFAITH is a Christian Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing safe, secure Internet access to the Word of Faith community.
Q: Do I have to pay phone charges on top of the $21.95?  A: The only time you may have to pay long distance charges is if there is no local access number available. CFAITH's provides U.S. coverage for up to 95% of the population.  
Q: Will CFAITH provide high-speed access?  A: Yes. CFAITH will provide high-speed access (DSL) as quickly as possible.  
Q: Does my monthly CFAITH subscription fee permit unlimited access?  A: Yes. $21.95 per month provides unlimited dialup access to CFAITH and the Internet.  
Q: Can I access CFAITH via DSS satellite or Web TV?  A: Yes. Access to CFAITH content is independent of your connection speed. If you can access the Internet via DSS Satellite or Web TV, you can access CFAITH through our CFAITH content-only package.  
Q: How do I subscribe to CFAITH.com?  A: ISP Subscription and Content Membership information is available online at www.CFAITH.com.
Be sure to mention this code number: 8JS6 K9WE
You can also call 1-800-692-0692 (7a.m. to 8p.m. CDT), or write to  
CFAITH.com, Attention: Customer Service, 9201 75th Avenue North,
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428