"Training them in the way they should go..."
Proverbs 22:6
"There is no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the (Spirit of) Truth."  (3 John 4)
Who Are You?                      (see activity below)
by Pastor aka "Miss Cher"
As every teacher knows, it is hard to fit everything
you want to do with your class into your difficult and busy schedule.  Many years ago I learned to come up with projects that would accomplish at least 3 things for me concerning tasks for the children.  This would allow me to do more projects with the class so that there was always something “working in action” in our room.
It is vital that children learn that, the outward appearance of a person is not always what they are really like.  There are different things that make up a persons character, and looks is a small part of that.  For this reason, I encourage teamwork and assign class time team projects each quarter.  (I never assign team projects outside of class.  They cannot be monitored properly, the work is not distributed evenly and they are a parent`s nightmare.  My goal is to have the parent(s) work with me throughout the year, so I don`t want to add to their already heavy load.)  In doing so, it reminds me that this is not just a team effort on the part of the students, but I am a part of that team`s success too.
Throughout the year I liked to do things that would generate a team response among the students.  One year I decided to work the silhouette activity into my Language Art classes to accomplish several curriculum goals for the children, while identifying problem areas for individuals.
Each student had a silhouette drawn.  Some of the students liked to drawn one another, while others just wanted me to draw their silhouette.  After each picture was completed I wrote the child`s name on the back of the picture.  The silhouettes were hung all around the room about 2 feet down from the ceiling (so no one could touch them or cheat to see whom it was).  When the students arrived the next day, they had to try and identify each drawing.  It isn`t as easy as you think.
Some of the drawings were never identified correctly.  So we went the next step and tried to stump the parents.  Surely they could recognize their own kids!  We left the silhouettes hanging for the open house that month.  The entire project took several weeks and was one of the most fun we had between all the classes, the staff and parents.  We even gave a prize to the person who could identify the most subjects first.
What we learned from this was that some people are easy to identify and read, while others were a real challenge.  As Christian`s we should be easy for others to notice as being different.  The Bible calls identifies us a “peculiar” people; we are supposed to look and act different than the unsaved, however, in most instances there is no identifiable difference.  
If others don`t recognize that you are a Christian, do you really think God recognizes you as His child?  Are you easily identified to the Lord as His or does He have to ask, “Who are you?”  These silhouettes cannot identify the believer from the unbeliever, but the shadow in which we are to live in should.  Whose shadow do you abide in?  Is it the Lord`s?
Studies prove
that the more physical senses that a child uses, the greater the recall of things learned.
The greatest natural resource any country can have is its children.
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Memory verses to learn for this unit/lesson:
Week 1: “For you are a Holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be as people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 14:2)
Week 2: “For you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation, a peculiar people (His own special people), that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light.” (1 Peter 2:9)
Week 3: “He who lives in the secret place of the Most High (God) will dwell (live) in the shadow of the Almighty.”(Psalm 91: 1)
Task: Who Am I? Identify the Subject/Author
Overall Goal:
1. To encourage teamwork and respect for others by learning something about each student through their writing assignment.
2. To encourage students to look at a person for whom they are and not what they look like that really makes the person (outward and inward characteristics).
3. To identify verbal and non-verbal communication skills between students.
4. Identify any writing problem areas that a student may have early on in the year.
Teacher short-term goals:
1. Students will participate in a class project of silhouette drawing that can be used to help one another recognize characteristics of others without stereotyping.
2. Students will participate in a creative writing or poetry task for display during the upcoming open house day/night.
3. Activity phase 2 is to frame the project and wrap it for a gift.
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Materials Needed:
Overhead projector or a light, chair, black marker, heavy large sheets of white drawing paper, large sheets of black (or any other dark solid color) sturdy construction or poster board, scissors, glue, tape (project 2: white wood for framing competed drawing project.)
1. Tape white paper onto the wall.
2. Shine a light toward the subject so that it reflects a shadow onto the paper. (The farther away from the paper the larger the picture will be.  I don`t recommend making them over a 1½` square.  They need to be large enough to be seen at a distance, but not to large to frame. )
3. Having the student sit profile to the paper.  Trace an outline of the student`s head onto the white paper. Do all the students the same way.
4. Cut out the outline and glue the silhouette to the colorful paper backing.  
Options to enhance this learning project:
Hang the silhouettes in one section of the room.  On a nearby bulletin board or wall, post poems or short stories written by the students.  Have the class try to match the drawing with the poem/story.  It is a great way for the students to learn more about their classmate`s character and interests.  Make sure that you mark the student`s name on the back of the items.
For more ideas, activities and pictures for the classroom, visit the Soffy teen and/or Soffy kidz websites.  Click on holiday or season activities.
Tip:  This project accomplishes double the task.  After the project is completed, frame the silhouettes in white (wood frame) for a gift that can be given to parents, guardian or friend at Christmas or Mother`s Day, etc.  This is a personal gift from each student, and is a great time saver for you.
Cher is a respected author, teacher and evangelist dedicated to the rebuilding of the family.  Her dynamic personality, experience and creative, innovative work has earned her recognition and achievement awards locally and from the State of New Jersey  including her as one of the top five teacher's of the year in 1996.  
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